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“We’re concerned about the fate of people in Turkish prisons”


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Turkey widens post-coup purge

got sacked*



schools, dormitories, universities shut down

academics who lost jobs

judges, prosecutors dismissed

media outlets shut down

journalists arrested

                                                     since July 15, 2016                                  * as of January 17, 2016

 *This number includes (1) state officials, teachers, bureaucrats, security forces and academics who were dismissed by gov’t decrees, No. 667 issued on July 23, No.668 issued on July 25, No.669 issued on July 31, No. 672 issued on Sept. 1, No.675 issued on Oct. 29, No. 677/678 issued on Nov. 22, 2016, and No.679/680/681 issued on Jan. 6, 2017; (2) academics who lost their jobs by gov’t decrees, No. 677 issued on July 23, and No.675 issued on Oct. 29, 2016; (3) teachers whose licenses were revoked by Turkey’s Education Ministry on July 19, 2016; and (4) journalists and media personnel who lost their jobs since the coup attempt. For detailed information, please visit: and

Human Tragedies of Turkey’s Purge


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Purge in Numbers


*The number provided in the video for the purged civil servants [102,704] includes teachers working at private schools [21,210] who have had their licenses cancelled by the Turkish government.

Journalism in Jail

Full list of names and bios of journalists jailed in Turkey since July 15, 2016
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