Turkey widens post-coup purge

got sacked*



schools, dormitories and universities shut down

academics lost jobs

judges, prosecutors dismissed**

media outlets shut down

journalists arrested***

                                                     since July 15, 2016                                    as of October 8, 2017

 *This number includes (1) state officials, teachers, bureaucrats, and academics who were dismissed by gov’t decrees, No. 667 issued on July 23, No.668 issued on July 25, No.669 issued on July 31, No. 672 issued on Sept. 1, No.675 issued on Oct. 29, No. 677/678 issued on Nov. 22, 2016, No.679/680/681 issued on Jan. 6, 2017, No.682/683/684/685 issued on Jan 23, 2017, and No.689 issued on April 29, 2017, No.692 issued on July 14, 2017, No.693/694 issued on August 25, 2017 and (2) academics who lost their jobs by gov’t decrees, No. 677 issued on July 23, No.675 issued on Oct. 29, 2016, and No.689 issued on April 29, 2017; (3) teachers whose licenses were revoked by Turkey’s Education Ministry on July 19, 2016; (4) and dismissed military personnel [6,511 officers and 16,409 cadets]. For detailed information, please visit: turkeypurge.com/purge-in-numbers and turkeypurge.com/academics-sacked-from-positions.
**Constitutional Court general assembly resolution 2016/49158 on June 26, 2017, paragraph 19.
***Data compiled from PEN International, Platform for Independent Journalism (P24), Stockholm Center for Freedom (SCF), Journalists’ Union of Turkey (TGS), Progressive Journalists Association (ÇGD), and Bianet online news portal. This number includes all journalists who were arrested in the aftermath of the July 15, 2016 coup attempt. Some 170 of them are still kept under arrest with the remaining released pending trial or cleared of charges. For detailed information, please visit: https://turkeypurge.com/journalism-in-jail.
Human Tragedies - 10-20-2017

Human Tragedies - 10-10-2017

Human Tragedies - 10-10-2017

Human Tragedies - 10-06-2017

Human Tragedies - 09-30-2017

Human Tragedies - 09-30-2017

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Human Tragedies - 09-23-2017

Some 50,000 Gülenists jailed since coup attempt: Turkish justice minister
3 teachers, 2 businessmen detained for ‘Gülen propaganda’ on social media
7 detained for putting money into Bank Asya after Dec 2013
[VIDEO] 2 judges, removed from jobs in post-coup crackdown, detained while reportedly fleeing to Greece
Leftist theologian Eliaçık assaulted by Islamist thugs at book fair
Turkish court approves 55-month sentence for pro-Kurdish deputy
[VIDEO] Jailed teacher, on hunger strike for 226 days, released as fellow striker to remain behind bars
Head of Ankara-based think tank ORSAM detained
Writer Vedat Çetin under custody over terror charges
Journalist Tuğrul Eryılmaz given jail sentence over solidarity with pro-Kurdish daily
2 women, 2 children, 3 others detained while on way to escape to Greece
Yet another 5 journalists detained in Ankara
Detention warrants issued for another 102 in new post-coup probe
Pro-gov’t journalist suggests abduction of Gülen followers in US, Europe
[VIDEO] Turkish family, abducted in Pakistan, sent back to Turkey even without passports: lawyer
German minister says Turkish intelligence collecting information on opponents
[VIDEO] Turkish citizen abducted from plane in Kazakhstan: wife
Gov’t seeks extradition of German-Turkish national in Ukraine
Int'l Reactions - 10-20-2017
Helsinki Commission urges Erdogan to end post-coup emergency rule

Four senior members of US’s Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe (CSCE), which is also known as the Helsinki Commission, has called on...

Int'l Reactions - 10-18-2017
FİDH letter calls on Pakistani gov't not to deport 289 Turkish citizens to Turkey

The International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH), an international umbrella organization for human rights, has called on Pakistani government not ...

Int'l Reactions - 10-14-2017
Turkey's jailed journalists given press freedom prize

German daily Die Welt’s Turkey reporter Deniz Yücel and Turkish author and honorary PEN member Aslı Erdoğan have been awarded the Prize for the...

Int'l Reactions - 10-13-2017
HRW: People being tortured, abducted in post-coup Turkey

People detained after the last year’s failed putsch have been subject to torture in police custody while several others were abducted outside...

Int'l Reactions - 10-11-2017
Amnesty calls on Turkey to release human rights defenders on 100th day of their arrest

Amnesty International (AI) on Wednesday called on the Turkish government for the immediate andunconditional release of 11 prominent human rights...

Int'l Reactions - 10-11-2017
Germany's ‘Brave Journalism’ award goes to Turkey's Ahmet Şık

The Brave Journalism award has been bestowed on prominent Turkish journalist and Cumhuriyet daily reporter Ahmet Şık, who was arrested last December...

Int'l Reactions - 10-09-2017
Imprisoned Turkish judge awarded human rights prize by Council of Europe

Murat Arslan, the last chairman of Turkey’s Judges and Prosecutors Association (YARSAV) was named as the winner of the 2017 Vaclav Havel Human Rights ...

Int'l Reactions - 10-08-2017
US suspends visa services in Turkey after consulate staffer arrested in post-coup probe

The US suspended all non-immigrant visa services at all its diplomatic facilities in Turkey over what it called ‘recent events,’ on...

Int'l Reactions - 10-07-2017
Venice Commission: Emergency decree laws are obstructing local democracy in Turkey

The Council of Europe’s (COE) expert body on legal and constitutional affairs, the Venice Commission, on Friday said Turkey’s emergency decree laws,...

Int'l Reactions - 10-06-2017
Local Amnesty office launches photo exhibition to support Turkey’s ‘Silenced Voices’

Amnesty International’s (AI) local branch in UK’s Kirklees distict launched a photo exhibition in solidarity with whom it called Turkey’s silenced...

Int'l Reactions - 10-06-2017
Turkey's imprisoned pro-Kurdish leaders nominated for EP’s Sakharov Prize

Imprisoned pro-Kurdish People’s Democratic Party (HDP) Co-chairs Selahattin Demirtaş and Figen Yüksekdağ have been nominated for the prestigious...

Int'l Reactions - 09-27-2017
HRCP calls for immediate release of kidnapped school director, family

The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan HRCP has called for the immediate release of ex-director of a Turkish schools in Pakistan, Mesut Kaçmaz, and...

Int'l Reactions - 09-26-2017
Turkey, the global leader in attacks against academia: report

Scholars, academic staff and students across the globe continue to face threats while Turkey has been singled out as the home to the highest number...

Int'l Reactions - 09-24-2017
No rule of law in Turkey anymore: German Bar Association

The head of the German Bar Association (DAV), Ulrich Schellenberg, said the rule of law no longer exists in Turkey, warning German lawyers about the...

Int'l Reactions - 09-22-2017
Turkey, the global leader in Twitter censorship in first half of 2017

Turkey came first in the Twitter’s censorship index by content removal requests that the microblogging company received worldwide in the first half...

Int'l Reactions - 09-20-2017
Turkish state may be tolerating post-coup abductions if not involved: report

Turkish state has been tolerating post-coup abductions even though its involvement has yet to be backed up with hard evidence, according to online...

Int'l Reactions - 09-19-2017
US rights group publishes three-page ad telling Erdoğan ‘You are not welcome’

The New York-based Human Rights Foundation (HRF) on Tuesday took out an advertisement in the Metro New York newspaper criticizing Turkish President...

Int'l Reactions - 09-19-2017
Germany grants asylum to 196 Turkish diplomats: report

The asylum requests of 196 Turkish nationals with diplomatic passports have been approved by Germany, Deutsche Welle reported on Tuesday. In...

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Human Tragedies of Turkey’s Purge

Gokhan Acikkollu

Gokhan Acikkollu

High School Teacher

Gokhan was detained on July 23, 2016 as part of Turkey’s post-coup crackdown. Although he was suffering from sever diabetes, he was denied access to his medics for six days. After 13 days in custody, Gokhan was found dead in his prison cell on August 5.

Mustafa Torer

Mustafa Torer


Mustafa was among 45 thousand people in Turkey’s massive crackdown following the coup attempt. He was taken into Iskenderun jailhouse. Under severe stress and trauma, Mustafa, who had already been suffering of diabetes, died over a heart attack.

Furkan D.

Furkan D.

12-year-old cancer patient

12-year-old Furkan died of brain cancer several months after Turkish border agents seized his and his parents’ passports at Istanbul Ataturk Airport, causing the family to abandon their plans to receive cancer treatment in Cuba.

Filiz Y.

Filiz Y.

30-year-old mother

Filiz Y., a 30-year-old woman who gave birth at Mercin City Hospital on February 6, 2017, was detained in the wee hours of February 7, over alleged links to the Gulen Movement.

Hacı Isa Sezek

Hacı Isa Sezek

83-year-old civilian

83-year-old Haci Isa Sezek, arrested on charges of “membership in an armed organization” on January 3, 2017, is being kept in the same holding cell with his 29-year-old grandchild Suleyman Sezek.

Bilal Konakçı

Bilal Konakçı

Bomb Disposal Expert

Bilal Konakci, a former bomb disposal expert who was retired after he lost his right hand and both eyes while trying to dispose of a bomb in 2009, was detained on December 20, 2016, over links to the Gulen Movement.

5 Kids

5 Kids

A video shared on January 23, 2016 on social media showed five children left alone in tears in front of Sincan Prison in Ankara after their mother was detained while they were visiting their father in prison.

Yavuz Bolek

Yavuz Bolek

Jailed Police Chief

Yavuz Bolek, a police chief dismissed from profession following corruption probes implicating Erdogan, has cancer and will be soon be struck with paralysis if he isn’t given medical attention. His pleas are ignored.

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