An indictment prepared by an Ankara prosecutor seeks 15 years years sentence for Ahmet Böken, former editor in chief of state-run TRT News, over alleged link to Turkey’s Gülen group, which is accused by the Turkish gov’t of masterminding a coup attempt in 2016.

Böken has been held in pre-trial detention in Ankara’s Sincan prison since August 2016. Böken is accused of “attempting to destroy Constitutional order, establish and lead a terror group, being a member of a terror group.”

and put behind the bars since August 2016 at Ankara’s Sincan Prison, has appeared before Ankara 18th High Criminal Court on Tuesday. Böken has been accused of “being member of a terror organisation.”

At least 305 journalists have been detained and put in pretrial detention since July 15, 2016. Even though some were later released pending trial, nearly 180 are still held behind bars.