Muhammed B., the former manager of an Alanya-based student dormitory that the government earlier shuttered over its links to the Gulen movement, was detained at a private hospital where he stopped by for treatment, media reported on Tuesday.

Muhammed B. had had an outstanding detention warrant for some time as part of an investigation into the movement, which the government accuses of leading the July 15, 2016 coup attempt. The group denies involvement in the failed coup.

Alanya police raided a private hospital upon the information that Muhammed B. had jusat registered at the medical institution for treatment.

The former manager was rounded up as soon as police were dispatched to the hospital, and put in pre-trial arrest by the court in charge later in the day.

Turkey has detained over 120,000 over links to the movement since last summer. That many were caught at hospitals suggests that hospitals often report to the police whenever a suspect comes for whatever reason.