Four purge-victims who turned up in police custody after being missing since February 2019 have been sent to prison on terror charges after spending twelve days in police custody, the DW Türkçe reported.

Families of the arrestees told the news agency that the lawyers and family members were prevented by the police from seeing the arrestees who were transfered to prison “with lightning speed.”

The Ankara police last Sunday night called the families of Salim Zeybek, Özgür Kaya, Erkan Irmak and Yasin Ugan, who were abducted by police pretenders according to eyewitnesses, stating that they were in police custody due to an investigation into the Gülen movement.

On Monday the police allowed families to see their loved ones for only five minutes.

Turkey accuses the Gülen movement of orchestrating a 2016 coup attempt, although it strongly denies any involvement.

Since the failed coup, over 20 abductions have occurred, according to families and eyewitnesses.

For details see TurkeyPurge’s forced disappearances tracking page.

Two of them were able to flee Turkey and told the foreign press that they were forced to stay at secret sites where they were subjected to torture and ill treatment by intelligence officers.

They were reportedly forced to give false statements against other Gülen followers.