İbrahim Halil Özyavuz, a medical doctor who was put in pre-trial detention in the aftermath of the 2016 failed coup attempt, was found dead at his cell in İstanbul’s Silivri Prison four years ago today.

Turkish authorities said he committed suicide.

Özyavuz’s family members claimed that he did not commit suicide as previously reported but rather died after he was subjected to heavy torture by police officers while he was in pretrial detention.

Journalist Cevheri Güven shared information he received from Özyavuz’s family members during an interview with Bold Media and stated that the cause of death was the torture he was subjected to in pretrial detention. According to Güven, Özyavuz’s family members saw traces of severe torture on his body when they came to claim his remains in İstanbul.

Güven also said Özyavuz’s family was at first given three different explanations by the police about the cause of death and then was threatened by police not to reveal the cause of death of the young doctor.

“Father Özyavuz has said: ‘They can kill us, too. There is no state here,’” Güven quoted the father as saying.