Turkey’s latest post-coup government decree implicated, among others, 41 academics who signed a long-debated declaration that criticized Turkish military action in the largely Kurdish southeast.

Published in early this year, the declaration accuses the government of carrying out heavy-handed operations in Turkey’s southeast region where the outlawed PKK militants and the military has been in clashes since a breakdown in the years-long ceasefire between the two in July, 2015. It was signed by more than 1,000 intellectuals both from inside and outside Turkey including US philosopher Noam Chomsky.

41 academics were dismissed from their positions at universities.

With the latest purges, the total number of academics who lost their jobs after a failed coup on July 15 has reached 6,986.

Professors, associate professors and lecturers from nearly all universities in Turkey were targeted in the government’s post-coup crackdown.