Journalists Ayşe Düzkan, Hüseyin Aykol, Mehmet Ali Çelebi, Hüseyin Bektaş and Ragıp Duran were given jail sentence of 9 years and 9 months in total over their participation in a solidarity campaign with the pro-Kurdish Ozgur Gundem newspaper.

An Istanbul court sentenced Aykol to 3 years plus 9 months in prison on charges of making propaganda on behalf of a terror group while the remaining four were given 1.5 years of jail sentence on the same charge.

The Özgür Gündem daily was earlier accused of promoting the outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) and shut down by the government.

Several intellectuals and journalists stood in as the symbolic editor-in-chief of the pro-Kurdish daily in solidarity with the paper as its editor was imprisoned even before the closure.

The four are among the people who managed the daily for a day in solidarity.