A Turkish court has sent a Turkish woman to prison despite the submission of a medical report confirming her pregnancy of six months, the tr724 news website reported.

Turkish law requires postponement of the arrest of pregnant women until they give birth and the infant reaches six months of age.

Kimya Bozkurt was arrested on Oct. 21 on charges of membership in the Gülen group, which is accused of orchestrating a 2016 coup attempt.

According to her husband, after her arrest the court demanded a medical report confirming her pregnancy; however, despite the report later submitted to the judges, her incarceration continued.

Detained on Oct. 19, Bozkurt was alleged to have used ByLock, a smartphone application believed by Turkish authorities to have been popular among the movement’s followers.

Bozkurt was also charged with membership in a Gülen-affiliated association, among the hundreds of associations shut down in the aftermath of the failed coup.

Many women jailed with their young children immediately after delivery or while pregnant are believed to be linked to the Gülen movement.