70-year-old Kemal Gun was fined TL 8,626 [ $2,400] for an ongoing hunger strike he started as part of his efforts to be given the dead body of his child who was killed during an air attack by Turkish miliary in Tunceli’s Dersim district on Nov 7, 2016.

11 individuals were killed during a bombardment against an alleged base of the outlawed far-left Revolutionary People’s Liberation Party-Front (DHKP-C) in Dersim.  While the bodies of those killed have yet to be delivered to their families, the septuagenarian father of the one kicked off a hunger strike on Dersim’s central Seyit Riza square.

“I have been on hunger strike for 38 days. … They fine me TL 227 for every day. I will stop the protest when they give the bodies of our children even if it is a single bone,” Gun told Dihaber on Sunday.

His son Murat Gun was 28 when he was killed.