Zara Koc, a cardiac patient who is expecting her new baby anytime was detained on July 3 and has been under police custody since then, according to Turkish media.

9-month-pregnant Koc was detained along with 12 others in police operations in Izmir and Mardin provinces. While the charges raised against Koc are still unknown, her mother-in-law Vahide Koc told media: “The only reason they rounded up her is just because we are Kurdish origins.”

Fatma Aksu, the wife of one of the detainees said she visited police’s anti-terror department in Izmir where Zara Koc is being held.

“When I met Zara he said: ‘I have been having labor pains. They didn’t even let a doctor come in. They did not give me a chair either. I am all standing up’.”