Mustafa Çamaş, a bioengineering professor fired from his job by a government decree in the aftermath of a failed coup attempt in 2016, died a year ago today at a construction site after a crane fall on him.

Çamaş was an associate professor at Tunceli University’s faculty of engineering until September 2016. After he lost his job and was banned from public service, he ended up working at a construction job to make a living. According to the Science Citation Index Çamaş had 24 publications and over 200 citations to his name.

Following the abortive putsch, the Turkish government declared a state of emergency and carried out a massive purge of state institutions under the pretext of an anti-coup fight. More than 130,000 public servants, including 4,156 judges and prosecutors, as well as 20,610 members of the armed forces were summarily removed from their jobs and banned from public service with the claim that they were “member[s] of or have a connection to or are in communication with the structures, organizations, groups or terrorist organizations that are considered by the National Security Council [MGK] to pose a threat to the national security of the state.”