The Chicago-based American Bar Association (ABA) has called on Turkish government to release people detained without evidence as part of investigations into July 15 coup attempt.

ABA calls upon Turkish government to immediately release each detained judge, lawyer, prosecutor, journalist and any other individual unless there is evidence establishing reasonable grounds to believe that the individual has committed a crime, a recent resolution approved by the ABA’s House of Delegates said.

Turkey survived a bloody coup attempt late on July 15 which killed around 260 people and wounded another 1,400. Immediately after the attempt President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan as well as top government officials accused the faith-based Gulen Movement of masterminding the putsch.

While the movement has repeatedly repudiated any involvement in multiple statements, it has failed to escape from an unabated witch-hunt which resulted in some 75,000 people purged from stated institutions. Around 29,000 people have been detained since July 15; with 14,500 of them put behind bars.

“This resolution expresses grave concern over the mass detentions and arrests of thousands of Turkish judges, lawyers, prosecutors and journalists, without charge or access to counsel.”

Some 151 news outlets have been shut down as part of probes over their alleged ties to coup plotters.