A number Islamic books by Kurdish scholar Said Nursi and his late Turkish follower Fethullah Gulen have been seized as part of an investigation into the latter’s Hizmet movement.

Media reported March 3 that Adana police carried out an operation against 21 people wanted for their ties to the Hizmet, also known as Gulen movement.

Many books written by Gulen as well as several others from Nursi’s well-known Quran tafsir, Risale-i Nur were seized during police search at the suspects’ houses. Among other seized publications is an investigative book, “Turkey’s Military Coups and the US,” penned by Turkish writer Cetin Yetkin.

As Turkish governments pinned the blame for the July 15 coup on Gülen and his movement, books authored by himself and those by sympathizers of the movement were banned by government decrees issued under emergency rules. The movement denies involvement in the failed putsch.

The government circles also criticize the movement for its interfaith activities, accusing the group of an alleged cooperation with the “the crusaders” to harm Islam.

Earlier, police in many other provinces displayed Gülen’s books as terror evidence. Meanwhile, more than 150,000 people have been detained over Gulen links since the summer of 2016.