Amnesty International projected the names of imprisoned Turkish journalists onto the facade of Turkish embassy building in The Hague.

The protest came as a move to draw attention to the “deteriorating” situation of journalists in Turkey and to mark May 3 International Press Freedom Day, according to AI.

Among the journalists whose names were projected were Mahir Kanaat from daily Birgün, and Ahmet Şık from daily Cumhuriyet. Names were projected along with a statement demanding their release, at around 10 p.m. on May 2.

“Free Mahir Kanaat” and “Free Ahmet Şık” were projected on the embassy building alongside a statement reading “Journalism is not a crime” in both Turkish and English.

AI also launched a campaign on Twitter late in March 2017 to support jailed journalists in Turkey, calling for their release, with the hashtag #FreeTurkeyMedia.

Since then, a Twitter account under the pseudonym @FreeTurkeyMedia has been calling on Twitter users to make a #FreeTurkeyMedia sign, take a photo with it and tweet it with the hashtag to support the release of all journalists in Turkish jails.