“Our family-owned company was established in 1980. I worked there for 38 years. After the coup, I realized that I will no longer be able to live in the undemocratic conditions in Turkey. So, I sold my business for a very small price and left Turkey.

I was waiting for an investment visa for me and my family from the US. I planned to have my wife and kids wait in Albania until they could get their Visa’s. Albania does not require a Visa for Turkish citizens. Six days after the coup attempt, when my family arrived at the airport with their passports in hand, they were told by the authorities, that records had shown their passports listed as lost/stolen, and so they forcefully seized their passports.

When my family went to the police station, the police told them that they had received many tips accusing my family of being a member of a terrorist organization. Like in the case of thousands of others, the charges were brought forth because of scholarships given to poor students in Turkey. Now my family is stuck in Turkey, awaiting a trial, we don’t know for how long or when it will end. I just want my family out of Turkey, a country that has turned into an open jail.”