A middle school teacher who was expelled from his job and subsequently arrested over alleged links to the faith-based Gülen movement was found hanged in prison in the northwestern province of Karabük on Saturday morning.

Forty-three-year-old Behçet Emdi was one of thousands of teachers who were fired by the Education Ministry in the aftermath of a failed coup attempt on July 15 due to alleged links to the Gülen movement, accused by the government of masterminding the failed coup attempt.

Emdi was arrested by a court on Thursday and put in a prison in Karabük. He was found hanged in the bathroom of the prison at 7 a.m. on Saturday. His body was taken to the Ankara Council of Forensic Medicine for an autopsy.

Emdi was reportedly receiving psychological treatment after he was fired. His wife, a nurse, was also reportedly removed from her job for the same reason.

Apart from relatives, at least 22 people have reportedly committed suicide either after they were imprisoned over ties to the movement or after being linked to the movement outside prison. Some of these suicides are found to be suspicious.

(Turkish Minute)