The number of German citizens in Turkish prisons have increased by one on Sept 15, according to Deutsche Welle.

Martin Schaefer, a German foreign ministry spokesman, announced on Sept 11 that a German couple of Turkish origin was detained at an İstanbul airport. While the woman was immediately released on judicial supervision, her husband was put in pretrial detention four days later, Deutsche Welle said on Friday.

Back in time, Schaefer said the charges raised against the couple were unknown but he added: “The nightmare, which so many German nationals who wanted to do nothing other than to spend holiday in Turkey [have experienced] – this nightmare continues,” Schäfer said, adding that German nationals who travel to Turkey should be aware of the risk of arrest.

Earlier, German foreign ministry updated a travel warning for citizens currently holidaying or planning to vacation in Turkey, saying they could be arbitrarily imprisoned on terror charges or links to terrorist groups.

There are currently 55 German citizens in jail in Turkey, according to Diken online news portal.