A 46-year-old police officer in Hatay province shot himself dead after being targeted in the Turkish government’s post-coup witch hunt.

Hasan Hüseyin Can was among tens of thousands of state workers who were suspended as part of an investigation into the Gülen movement, which the government accuses of masterminding the July 15 coup attempt.

Briefly detained as part of the same investigation earlier, Can shot himself on Wednesday night.

Father of two, Can was working at traffic division at Hatay Police Headquarters.

Around 25 people have reportedly committed suicide either after they were imprisoned over ties to the movement or after being linked to the movement outside prison. Some of these suicides are found to be suspicious.

More than 115,000 people have been purged from state bodies, 80,000 detained and 40,000 arrested since the coup attempt. Arrestees include journalists, judges, prosecutors, police and military officers, academics, governors and even a comedian.