Jailed Cumhuriyet reporter Ahmet Sik is being denied access to his own book he intends to refer to in his defense before the court in charge.

The book in question, titled, ‘Paralel Yuruduk Biz Bu Yollarda’ [We walked Parallel on this Road] examines the alleged power struggle and an ultimate fallout between the government and what the government started to call parallel structure within state bureaucracy, the Gulen movement.

Accused of links to the movement and some other outlawed groups, Sik asked from his relatives to send him a copy of his book.

According to Cumhuriyet newspaper, Sik has yet to get his book although his relatives handed it over to prison guards three weeks ago.

The government pinned the blame for the July 15, 2016 coup attempt on the movement as well and launched a witch hunt against its followers, jailing more than 50,000 people over alleged or real links to the movement.

The movement denies any involvement in the attempt, calling on government to put forward evidence backing up its allegations.