M.K., a retired police officer under arrest at Silivri prison for some time, had his jaw broken after he, all of a sudden, fainted and fell to the ground on Feb. 2. Yet, he is yet to have a surgery despite experts warning of further ramifications.

Already a high-blood pressure patient, M.K. got his jaw stitched up after he fell. When he got examined at İstanbul’s Ok Meydanı State Hospital only two days after the incident, he discovered that his upper left jaw bone was dislocated.

While M.K. has been having difficulties in talking and eating, Ok Meydanı hospital, for 11 days, denies him surgery on the ground that the capacity allocated for imprisoned patients has been over at the hospital.

Osteopathy experts told Turkish media that M.K. may have lasting speech disorders in case his bones do not firmly bonded due to belated surgery.