Police in Muğla’s Ortaca district have joined their colleagues elsewhere in Turkey to display seized copies of books written by Islamic scholar Fethullah Gülen as evidence of terror.

Ortaca police raided warehouse belonging to an individual known by initials E.Ş. and seized 300 old copies of critical newspapers and magazines along with 514 books.

Among the material seized by police were many books of Gülen, CDs featuring the speeches of the cleric and clothes stocked for charity sale. While E.Ş. was taken into custody, the images of books have been widely circulated in Turkish media.

As Turkish governments pinned the blame for the July 15 coup on Gülen and his movement, books penned himself and those by sympathizers of the movement were banned by government decrees issued under emergency rules.

Earlier, police in Istanbul and Izmir provinces also displayed Gülen’s books as terror evidence.