“The allegation about the gun attack is true. We did our part regarding the issue,” a Kırıkkale businessman proudly confessed that he carried out the attack on a store owned by an alleged follower of the Gulen Movement, which the government accuses of masterminding the coup attempt in July.

With top government officials calling on people to give a hand in its all-out war against the sympathizers of the movement, their calls seem to have found support within some circles of the public.

A furniture shop owned by Ekrem Gök, the president of the Kırıkkale Chamber of Commerce and Industry, was assaulted with gun early on Friday. Gök had earlier been arrested over his alleged ties to the movement.

“It makes our blood boil. My fight against them will continue all through my life. We always stand by our country and the state,” Denizhan Vural, also a renowned businessman in Kırıkkale, told reporters the same day.

In mid-August, Turkey’s Consul General in Rotterdam called on people to “do their part” against movement.

Kırıkkale attack came as the latest of such incidents as Turkish government has gradually geared up its discriminatory discourse against the movement since July 15.

Several stores across Turkey that sell books of Fethullah Gülen, the US-based Muslim cleric whom the movement inspired from, have earlier been reported to be looted by angry mobs.