“I will get you arrested,” construction firm Folkart Yapı Chairman Mesut Sancak has yelled at local journalist Nivent Kurtuluş who reported on the businessman’s allegedly corrupt business ties, threatening her with tightened security measures in the aftermath of the coup attempt.

Mesut Sancak, also the brother of a pro-government media tycoon Ethem Sancak,  is accused of exploiting the government-backed tourism incentives to construct housing.

Kurtuluş filed a legal complaint against the businessman, saying: “Since I wrote about Folkart Yapı’s lawness businesses in İzmir and Çeşme, the company boss Mesut Sancak threatened me and swore at me with vulgar insults.”

Kurtuluş elaborated on the words Sancak had used: “Listen! …These are your best days. You are blackmailing the businessmen in İzmir. There is the State of Emergency rule. They should put in jail.

A columnist at İzmir-based local news portal Gaze-Temiz, Kurtuluş also works as the chairman of the Clean İzmir Association, an anti-corruption advocacy group.

Turkey currently keeps 151 journalists under arrest.