Ayten Sarıkaya Kesler, a 53-year-old Turkish woman with stage 2 cancer, sent to prison on February 12 after being detained at an İstanbul airport upon her arrival from Switzerland, the Cumhuriyet daily reported.

The daily said that there was an outstanding arrest warrant for Kesler for “insulting” President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and “disseminating terrorist propaganda” via Facebook posts.

She reportedly fainted while at the courthouse and was subsequently hospitalized.

Speaking to the media, Kesler’s lawyer said she suffers from hypertension and a number of other health problems in addition to the cancer.

According to Justice Ministry figures, nearly 20,000 people have been the subject of legal proceedings for allegedly insulting Erdoğan during his presidency. The number includes many ordinary citizens who were prosecuted over their social media posts.