Selçuk Kozağaçlı, president of the now-closed Progressive Lawyers’ Association (ÇHD), was detained in Ankara along with three other lawyers on Monday soon after he talked about acts of torture being committed in Turkey’s prisons.

Kozağaçlı recently came to public attention with his remarks suggesting that people who were jailed as part of an ongoing crackdown on the faith-based Gülen movement are being systematically tortured in prisons in the most barbaric ways including rape, removal of nails and the insertion of objects into their anuses.

“They remove the nails of colleagues [during detention] at police stations. Believe me, I saw people who underwent a colectomy after they were tortured with objects inserted into their anuses in prison and at police stations,” Kozağaçlı said during the Ankara Bar Association’s general assembly on Oct. 16.

Kozağaçlı was detained along with three other lawyers during a police raid on the Halkın Law Office in Ankara.

The ÇHD was among the 370 nongovernmental organizations that were closed down by government decree earlier this month on the grounds that they were linked to terror organizations.