Some 800 out of 900 judges who were appointed to their new posts on Apr 24, are lawyers who used to work also as executives at the Justice and Development Party’s (AK Party) local branches, according to opposition.

Republican Peoples’ Party (CHP) Deputy Baris Yarkadas said in a written statement on Apr 26 that the Justice Ministry released the results of the interview for new judges the other day.

The ministry handpicked 900 lawyers to be judges in the last recruitment with 800 of them being from AK Party’s local executives, Yarkadas said.

Among the new judges are Kadir Nozoglu, former head of the AK Party office in central Elazig; Behice Çavuşoğlu, former head of AK Party’s women’s branch in Giresun; Ceyda Bozdağ, former nominee for AK Party deputy candidate; Hacer Alan, lawyer representing Ankara mayor Melih Gokcek, Ersan Oktaş, a former AK Party nominee for Bafra mayor candidate in Samsun; Mustafa Sekmen, a former city councillor representing AK Party at Bafra municipality; Sebahattin Kocagöbek, a former city councillor representing AK Party at Buca municipality in Izmir; and Muhammet Selman Harmankaya, a former AK Party deputy candidate.