Ender Özkul, the jailed father of a 13-year-old cancer patient who has failed to respond to treatment so far, was denied release from prison.

Muhammed Eray Özkul, the 13-year-old son of the Zonguldak-based former police officer Ender Özkul, was diagnosed with cancer after his father was jailed in Turkish government’s post-coup dragnet.

The father worked as a police officer for 15 years until he was suspended on the accusations of having links to the Gulen movement on Sept, 2016 and arrested shortly after over similar grounds. While in jail pending trial, he was completely removed from the job in a government decree in late November, the same year.

“Please release me for a trial without arrest. I am not about escaping my country for which I served for years. My wife and children need me so much,” the father earlier told the human right activist Omer Faruk Gergerlioglu.

“[The court ruled for] the continuation of arrest. May you the tyrants be drowned in Eray’s tears,” the boy’s mother tweeted Wednesday.

Ender Özkul’s latest hearing, in which 70 others stand trial, took place from Jan 8 to 10.

“[Berk] has been asking again and again what is up with the hearing. He fell asleep out of boredom,” the mother said Jan 9.

Turkish government blames the Gulen movement for the July 15, 2016 failed coup while the latter denies involved.