A Turkish court ruled to seize all properties of Turkey’s former national football player Hakan Şükür and those of his father, as part of an investigation into Turkey’s July 15 coup attempt, on Thursday.

Properties belonging to Şükür family in Turkey is estimated to worth around TL 200 million in total, Turkish media said.

Turkey survived a bloody coup attempt late on July 15 which killed around 260 people and wounded another 1,400. Immediately after the attempt President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan as well as top government officials accused the faith-based Gulen Movement and its sympathizers of masterminding the putsch.

Sakarya Public Prosecutor’s Office requested the arrest of Şükür and his father Selmet Şükür over their alleged ties to the coup attempt, on Thursday. While police raided the houses of Şükür and his father Selmet Şükür in Sakarya and İstanbul, the latter was arrested on Friday by police after he performed Friday prayer in a Sakarya mosque.