Police in İzmir province displayed seized copies of national dailies critical of Turkish government and books of Fethullah Gülen as evidence of terror.

Turkish police raided several houses as part of an investigation into Gülen Movement, which the government blames for the July 15 failed coup, in İzmir’s Tire district on Sunday. While five people were detained by the police, old copies of Zaman, Yarına Bakış, Yeni Hayat and Özgür Düşünce newspapers were seized along with tens of books written by Gülen.

In a separate investigation, police raided 32 houses and detained 27 people, among them are 21 women.

Turkey survived a military coup attempt on July 15 which killed some 240 people and wounded a thousand others. While the government accuses the movement of masterminding the putsch, the movement has repeatedly repudiated such claims, condemning any intervention into democratically-elected administrations.

Prior to the coup attempt, Zaman and Özgür Düşünce were seized by the government over their links to the movement.