The Culture Ministry has appointed a trustee panel to Turkey Musical Work Owners’ Association (MESAM), ousting the existing management ahead of the union’s general assembly.

Established to protect performing rights of music producers in 1986, MESAM has, since then, signed up over 9,000 members including authors, composers, arrangers and publishers.

The ministry dismissed the current board members and tasked 7 performers including pro-government singers Yavuz Bingol and Coskun Sabah to run the association until its general assembly. MESAM is expected to elect its new board during its general assembly, set to be held in the next three months.

Last month, Turkey’s legendary arabesque singer and a pro-government performer, Orhan Gencebay quitted as MESAM president, accusing the former president Arif Sag, a baglama virtuoso, of intimidating himself.