Ayşegül Başar, an intern reporter at Cumhuriyet newspaper was detained for an anti-government speech she delivered at an İstanbul teahouse, on Monday.

A group of activists from the rights group Halkevleri paid a few visits to some teahouses in İstanbul’s Ok Meydanı neighborhood and gave short speeches regarding the latest ISIS attack on the Reina nightclub, on Jan. 1.

Başar, also a Halkevleri member, took part in the demonstrations and did a quick speck as well.

“Those who made an aggressive campaign saying Muslims do not celebrate the Christmas over the past week are responsible for this massacre,” Başar said before adding: “The AKP government which supports ISIS is to blame for this massacre.”

“We’ll not leave this country to a dictator,” Başar also added.

A video footage filmed during the group’s speeches drew ire of nationalist groups on social media. While pro-government social media users called Başar and other activists as traitors, main opposition CHP deputies including the party leader Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu urged the government to release her stating that the group was in protest of the government’s tightening grip on secularism.

CHP deputy Barış Yarkadaş later said some other people from the group was also rounded up by police.

What follows is the video footage of her speech.