Cancelling subscription to the leading pay TV operator, Digiturk has been considered among evidence in post-coup investigations targeting the Gülen movement.

An Antalya court ruled on continuation of arrest for a suspect after the judge found out that the arrestee had cancelled his subscription to Digiturk for removing a number of Gülen-linked TV channels from its line-ups late in 2015.

The court asked TV operator whether the suspect had cancelled the subscription and requested Digiturk to send to the court a copy of the recorded phone conversation during which the suspect confirmed cancellation to a Digiturk sales representative.

The court ruled that the defendant had links to the movement. Among the evidences of link to the movement according to indictments prepared so far are putting money into Bank Asya, being member of particular labor unions and using ByLock mobile application.

The government accuses the movement of masterminding the July 15 coup attempt while the latter denies involvement.

Digiturk has suffered mass cancellations on multiple occasions over the recent past. Many cancelled their subscriptions after the TV platform banned critical channels from its list. Digiturk is also widely criticized when football fans boo government officials during on-air matches.