Berk Görmez, a 14-year-old disabled son of a Turkish couple who have been imprisoned over their alleged links to Turkey’s Gülen group, reportedly died of intestinal cancer on Thursday.

According to a tweet posted by human rights advocate Omer Faruk Gergerlioglu, Berk’s father Bekir Görmez has not been allowed to visit him for the last 17 months despite of Berk’s deteriorating health problems. 

Berk qualified for a 97 percent disability rating and had 80 percent hearing loss as well as several other severe health problems. It was reported that he experienced two operations on his intestinal knot last year. He has lost a kidney and his health situation did not improve since then.

Berk’s parents were fired from their jobs with a post-coup emergency decree which was issued by the Turkish government in the aftermath of a coup attempt in June 2016. Father Görmez is still behind bars over his links to the Gülen group, which the government accuses of masterminding the failed coup attempt. The group denies involvement in the failed takeover.

Berk’s mother Fatma has not been able to do her job as a teacher for the past four years as she also suffers from kidney insufficiency. The time when she was waiting for her retirement on disability, which was confirmed by doctor’s reports as 96 percent in Fatma’s case, coincided with her dismissal in the government’s post-coup purge. So, she lost retirement rights that were supposed to be provided in case the purge did not take place at all.

Her renal impairment has resulted in cardiac dropsy, for which he had two surgeries and she emaciated to weigh in at as low as 37 kilograms.