Two Turkish academics who were dismissed from their positions as part of a government purge following a failed coup on July 15 were beaten and detained by Turkish police on Wednesday after a protest demanding reinstatement to their jobs at the university.

According to the Turkish media, Nuriye Gülmen and Semih Özakça sought to protest their dismissal by staging a sit-in protest in Ankara.

Gülmen, who was suspended for alleged ties to the Gülen movement, has been detained 13 times due to her protests in front of the human rights monument in Ankara. Gülmen told BBC she was determined to continue her protest. Özakça, an academic who was also dismissed under a state of emergency decree, joined Gülmen in her protest.

Gülmen was fired from Konya Selçuk University. Turkey in a widespread purge has expelled more than six thousands academics since July 15 due to alleged links to the attempted coup and terrorist propaganda.