Abdullah Korkmaz, a teacher of 18 years now works at a traditional çiğ köfte seller in order to make his living.

Graduated from Malatya İnönü University, Korkmaz worked as a guidance teacher for 10 years in a village in Diyarbakır province and for another 8 years in Şilopi district, Şırnak.

He was told two weeks after he was assigned to a new school in Diyarbakır that he was dismissed with a post-coup government decree, according to Duvar news portal.

Çiğ köfte is a raw meat dish made with beef, lamb or most commonly bulgur wheat, served as an appetizer, originating from Turkey’s Kurdish province of Şanlıurfa.

Apart from massive arrests, Turkish government has dismissed more than 120,000 civil servants, among them police officers, teachers and academics, during the State of Emergency since July 15.