Abuzer Meral, a doctor at a private hospital in Turkey’s Yalova province, has lost his job after the pro-government Yeni Akit daily targeted him over Meral’s criticisms concerning compulsory religion lessons at schools.

Meral said he had criticized on Facebook that his son was ordered to pray during a compulsory religious class at a secondary school in Yalova. While he argued to have received threats from school management, a news article in Yeni Akit newspaper targeted Meral on Dec. 4.

“Abuzer Meral, a doctor at the emergency department of a private hospital has turned out to be a foul-spoken enemy of Islam. Found to have Facebook posts through which he shared his ill feelings towards Islam and Muslims, Abuzer Meral also appeared to have insulted at President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan,” read the article.

Meral confirmed the dismissal saying: “I was dismissed from my hospital as of today. I, on no account, blame them. They were told to do so.”

“My only struggle is for peace and brotherhood environment where citizens from all walks of life live together In a respectful manner,” Meral said on Facebook, later on.