“You are Gulenists, you can’t fine me!” a drunk driver yelled at traffic police after he was caught at Erzurum’s Kayakyolu quarter, raising the bar for those who accuse the Gulen Movement for each and every wrongdoing in Turkey, on Monday.

The driver known by the initials İ.S. run away for a while despite the police officer’s warning to stop in Erzurum-Çat highway. When he was caught parked at Kayakyolu 2. Street, he said: “Who the hell are you? You can’t take action on me. You are pro-FETÖs!” He also reportedly bit a finger of a policeman while trying to grasp the officer’s gun.

FETÖ is an abbreviation coined by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan in order to describe the alleged network of Gülen within state institutions.

Ever since the government and Erdoğan accused Gülen Movement [which inspired from the teachings of Fethullah Gülen] of organizing the July 15 coup attempt, pro-government circles have voiced claims that the movement was behind recent unidentified murders across the country, the breakdown in peace process with Kurdish minority, Gezi protests and Turkish military’s bombing of 34 Kurdish civilians in Uludere district. Some analysts even argued that recent downing of Russian warplane by Turkish pilot was a plot by a member of Gulen Movement.

“Caution! Beware of FETÖ,” read controversial warnings erected in Ferizli district of Sakarya province, earlier this month.