The European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) has turned down an application filed by a Turkish inmate suffering from cancer who had requested his release from prison to seek proper treatment.

According to a report by the Bianet news portal, Ali Osman Köse, a 66-year-old arrestee in the Tekirdağ Prison, was diagnosed with stage 3 level cancer on February 27, 2021. Despite doctor’s reports showing his deteriorating medical conditions, he has repeatedly been denied release from prison.

The ECtHR also declined Köse’s appeal on the grounds that he had not exhausted domestic legal remedies.

Köse has been in prison for 38 years.

The court also accepted the Turkish Ministry of Justice’s explanation that Köse had regular access to the hospital and good medical treatment. However Köse’s lawyer said his diagnosis and treatment had been delayed and in the meantime he had contracted COVID-19.