A tea house in Turkey’s eastern province of Erzurum was banned due to Kurdish-language songs played in the café, according to media.

Mezopotamya news agency reported Tuesday that a tea house in Erzurum’s Karaçoban district was raided by police and military officers and later shuttered for 10 days effective immediately.

The reason for the closure is that Kurdish-language songs were played and Kurdish was used during conversations in the café, according to owner Hindistan Beyazduman.

“The pressure has soared ever since I allowed pro-Kurdish HDP to use my café as their office during elections. Police have raided the café several times. Only two months ago, it was raided again and I was detained. The reason is the same. They came early in the morning along with police and special forces officers. They got everything except a helicopter. …There is no heroin or arm in my café. There are teapots and tea. What else would you expect? To be clear, they carried out an operation against teapots,” Beyazduman said.

“Kurdish is not a forbidden language. It is not illegal to listen Kurdish songs either. People talk and sing in Kurdish language everywhere. They intend to ban our language. It is our mother tongue. We will speak it for sure,” he added.