An İstanbul court on Tuesday sentenced Fashion Designer Barbaros Şansal to 3 months and 22 days in prison for “insulting” the Turkish government in a tweet he posted in 2017, the BBC News Türkçe reported.

According to the report, the court has neither suspended the sentence nor converted it to a fine due to Şansal’s previously existing criminal record over similar charges.

Şansal is known in Turkey with his anti-government stance and defiant social media posts.

He has previously came to public attention in January 2017 when he was attacked by a mob and then jailed by an İstanbul court due to a video he posted on New Year’s Eve. In the video, he said: “I won’t celebrate [the New Year]. Do you know what I am gonna do? I will drink up all drinks at bar and home,” Şansal said in the video before adding:” Drown in your shit, Turkey!” He had spent some 4 months in the Silivri prison until being released  pending trial. He was eventually given  6 month, 20 day prison sentence.