An Istanbul-based lawyer told the Etkin News Agency that her female client was forced to strip naked and severely beaten by a group of male officers at Istanbul police headquarters on Tuesday.

Gülhan Kaya, a lawyer representing Filiz Çolak, who was detained after a twin bomb attack on police officers outside a football stadium in İstanbul on Saturday killed at least 44 people, said her client could not even walk when she was allowed to see her.

“My client was stripped naked, and police officers kicked her in the genital and rib cage areas countless times. They also crushed her feet with their boots. She could not even stand. She also told me she heard people screaming due to heavy torture in the building,” Kaya told the news agency on Tuesday.

The lawyer also said police not only tortured Çolak at police headquarters but also at İstanbul’s Haseki State Hospital.

“While they [police] were beating my client in the hospital, one of the doctors there stopped them. However, when they arrived at İstanbul police headquarters, the torture began again. They turned off the lights and brutally beat her up,” the lawyer said.