The 31-year-old K.U. who was tortured during 17 days under custody after he was detained over terrorism charges in late August, says his testicles were crushed so badly that he is still in pain whenever he uses the toilet.

Allegations of torture and other maltreatment of Turkey’s post-coup detainees have substantially increased in the recent past.

The German broadcaster Deutsche Welle talked with a recently released man who spent 6 weeks under arrest after he was tortured during 17 days at a holding cell in İstanbul.

“Police dragged us around the room with cords tied to our genitals. My testicles were crushed so badly that I am still in pain whenever I use the toilet,” K.U. spoke about cruel methods of torture he got through.

K.U. was detained on accusation of supporting the outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) in late August. The judge freed him after the spend 6 weeks under arrest plus 17 days of detention period. “I felt like I was in the hell during those 17 days,” K.U. said after he showed a bruise on his arm. While the judge said allegations against him could not be substantiated, he said nothing about K.U.’s insistence that he was tortured.

“Their squeezing of my genitals. …For there are swellings along my groins, I am not able to void,” he further maintained. Police, reportedly, tortured him to get names of the people affiliated with PKK.

Turkish police have tortured and otherwise ill-treated individuals in their custody after emergency decrees removed crucial safeguards in the wake of a failed coup attempt in July, 2016, Human Rights Watch said in a report released on October 25.

K.U. says he still have difficulties in sleeping. Meanwhile, he said, a hospital also refused to issue an official assessment of his medical condition.