Gendarmerie raided Ergüven, a predominantly Kurdish village in Turkey’s southeastern province of Siirt, and detained 13 men, aged between 40 to 90.

Artigercek online news portal reported on Wednesday that 13 people were rounded up in Çeltikbaş neighborhood of Ergüven, which was abandoned due to clashes between the Turkish military and the outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) during 1990s and later populated by the compensated villagers.

The operation spilled over to the neighboring province Batman as well and at least 25 locations were raided in total to detain people registered to their Çeltikbaş addresses.

“Those who were detained all are elderly people. Mehmet Vural is 85 years old;  Hüseyin Vural, 87; Ramazan Vural, 75; Azaddin Balik, 72; my father [Izzet Yoksul], 90; Semsettin Balik, 40; Ata Celik, 45; Dikan Vural, 45; Halil Vural, 40; and Vafattin Vural, 50. They are 13 people. I am surprised why they didn’t take my 90-year-old mother. We don’t know why they were detained. It was only said that they were detained due to ‘terrorism.’ The only thing we know is that,” Mehmet Emin Yoksul told Artigercek.

“50-year-old Vafattin Vural has physical disability. …He is not even able to meet his physical needs. I don’t understand what he was taken,” he added.