37-year-old goalkeeper of Kastamonuspor 1966 football club was put in-trial arrest over his alleged used of ByLock mobile app on Monday.

Oğuzhan Bahadır was among 6 people who were earlier detained for ByLock use. The court overseeing their case in Kastamonu province arrested Bahadır along with three of them with the remaining released either on judicial control or without any charges.

Kastamonuspor 1966 plays at Spor Toto 2.Lig, the third tier national soccer league.

Turkish authorities believe using ByLock indicates membership in the Gülen movement, which President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and the government accuse of masterminding a failed coup attempt on July 15, 2016. Tens of thousands of civil servants, academics, and businessmen, doctors judges and many others from different occupations including football referees and a comedian have either been dismissed or arrested for using ByLock since the failed coup attempt last year.

Earlier, former Galatasaray player Hakan Şükür’s father was arrested when the regime was unable to find the footballer as part of a separate investigation into the movement, in Turkey. Şükür’s father was released this week due to deteriorating health in prison.

An indictment seeking up to 15 years’ imprisonment for former Galatasaray soccer players İsmail Demiriz, Arif Erdem and Uğur Tütüneker over alleged links to the Gülen movement was drafted earlier.