The governor of Turkey’s central province of Yozgat is grateful that he has armed with full authority under post-coup emergency rules to close down bars, casinos, nightclubs, shops, restaurants and other entertainment facilities that sell liquor and beverages containing alcohol.

“So to speak, we gave them a shock to align themselves. Actually I did not have that power during civil administration but today I got it and I used it,” governor Kemal Yurtnaç told a local radio station.

In a letter to the Yozgat Police Department, the Bureau of the State of Emergency under the governor’s office said public facilities that sell alcoholic beverages such as bars, casinos, nightclubs, shops and restaurants shall remain closed until a state of emergency currently in effect ends.

The office based its decision on a recent incident in Yozgat’s Sarıkaya district in which a person was killed in a fight after alcohol was consumed.

“It is not fair that there were 17 bars and casinos in a 20,000-person-district,” governor said during radio program.