The new mayor of Sur district of Diyarbakır province, who was recently appointed by the Turkish government in place of the democratically elected pro-Kurdish mayor, has reportedly removed all the Armenian, Assyrian signs and words from the facade of municipal building.

Turkey’s Interior Ministry appointed trustees to many municipalities in Turkey’s eastern and southeastern regions, replacing democratically elected pro-Kurdish mayors with government-appointed figures.

2On Sept 8, 2016, trustees have been appointed to Diyarbakır’s Sur and Silvan municipalities governed by the DBP, the state-run Anadolu Agency and Doğan News Agency reported.

Sur Co-Mayors Seyit Narin and Fatma Şık Barut had been arrested in 2015 on the grounds of declaring self-governance and then released on March 8, 2016. Aggravated life imprisonment has been demanded for Narin for “disrupting state’s unity and integrity”.