Turkish government has been seeking the extradition of a German citizen in Ukrained, identified as Kemal K., over murder charges while the accused says the request is politically motivated.

Kemal K. was detained at Kyiv’s Zhuliany International Airport upon an Interpol warrant issued by Turkey, on July 23, this year. Even though he was released three days later, but he has not been allowed to leave the country pending a decision on his extradition, Deutsche Welle reported on Wednesday.

Ukrainian authorities have until November whether to comply with Turkey’s request or not meanwhile Berling urged Ukraine to enable his return to Germany.

Kemal K.’s lawyer told media that his client is a Kurdish-origin communist party supporter and was politically persecuted in Turkey before he fled to Germany in 2007.

Turkish government has been widely criticized for using Interpol warrants for its own political purposes with several requests made to detain dissidents across Europe in the recent few months.

Turkey Purge is not able to confirm if Kemal K is, in fact, a criminal or a victim of the government’s political persecution.