Ahmet Odabaş, former district governor who was appointed as a trustee to administer Mardin’s Kızıltepe Municipality, has removed the statue of Uğur Kaymaz, 12-year-old Kurdish child who was killed in a police crossfire along with his father in 2004.

A clock tower was erected in lieu of Kaymaz’s statue on Monday.

Ugur and his father were murdered by Turkish police near their home in Kiziltepe. While Turkey defended the killings as an anti-terrorist operation, the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR), in 2014, fined Turkey a total of 143,000 euros, ruling that police had breached “the right to life,” the “prohibition of inhuman or degrading treatment” and “prohibition of discrimination.”

In 2009, a pro-Kurdish mayor renamed a central boulevard in the district after Ugur Kaymaz and placed a statue in the same place depicting two children with doves in their hands.

The statue was removed by the newly-appointed trustee on June 12 and a clock tower was put up in lieu.

Turkey has recently stepped up its crackdown against Kurdish minority, jailing several pro-Kurdish deputies and local politicians.

Also, Uğur mother Makbule Kaymaz was dismissed from her job over terror charges under the post-coup emergency rule.