Under arrest since mid-January, pro-Kurdish DIHA news agency editor Ömer Çelik has said he was forced to stand in a bucket filled with cold water, by police officers who took him into custody late December, 2016.

An Istanbul court ruled on arrest of Çelik and his two colleagues —  Tunca Öğreten and  Mahir Kanaat– on accusation of membership to a terrorist organization after they spent 24 days under detention, on Jan 17.

A main opposition Republican Peoples’ Party (CHP) delegation visited the three journalists on Sunday.

“I was tortured in front of my 35-days-old; I was subjected to violence and brute force. They took me out to the balcony and made me wait in a wide bucket filled with cold water. They also filmed this torment in a video. They did not let me call my lawyer,” Çelik told CHP delegation that he was subjected to maltreatment when police came to round him up.

On April 20, the Council of Europe’s anti-torture committee announced that the Turkish government did not give permission for a report on Turkish prisons to be published.

The National Police Department warned all its personnel to obey international rules of detention and to stop using unofficial detention centers days before a delegation from the Committee for the Prevention of Torture (CPT) was to pay a visit to Turkey in order to ascertain if people in custody are subject to any maltreatment in late August, 2016, according to an anonymous tip received by Turkey Purge.

Meanwhile, Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International reported in earlier reports that Turkey’s post-coup detainees are being subjected to subject including rape.